3.2. System Status

3.2.1. Status Overview

The initial system status page provides a summary of the most important system components.

It also includes the current resource consumption (disk, CPU and memory) and lists the currently installed Management Center software version, along with available versions of THOR. The connection status to the update servers, Master ASGARD and Cockpit are shown as well as multiple graphs which show asset connections and asset streams.


The THOR version numbers may be missing in a new installation. THOR is not included in the installed packages and has to be downloaded first. The download is starting automatically after the installation, not later than one hour after installation.

Overview Top Half

Overview Top Half

Overview Bottom Half

Overview Bottom Half

3.2.2. Diagnostics

The diagnostics sub menu shows the periodically performed checks and their status. Clicking the magnifying glass icon shows details of the performed check. If a check failed it gives a detailed error message and hints on which steps typically help in resolving the issue.

Overview Over Periodic Diagnostic Checks

Overview Over Periodic Diagnostic Checks

The indicator on the top right always shows if any of those checks failed by showing a warning or error (i.e. yellow or red icon). You can click the icon to view the diagnostics page as a pop-up.

3.2.3. Logs

The logs section shows the latest and most relevant logs. Complete logs can be found at /var/lib/asgard-management-center/log. You can also download the selected log type directly.

Logs Section

Logs Section

Available logs and their content:

Log Type


ASGARD Management Center

Overall status of the Management Center, general errors and warnings


Containing user login/logout and changes done over the UI

ASGARD Agent and Service Controller

Status of the agents deployed on assets

ASGARD Agent and Service Controller Access Log

Logs of agents and service controllers communicating with the Management Center

THOR via Syslog

Received syslog events of THOR scans. Partial results if a scan did not complete

THOR via Syslog (Scan Start, Licensing, Completion only)

As the name suggest, only those three event types


All Aurora events

Aurora Event Producers

The top 10 event producing processes per endpoint

Aurora Response Actions

Only response action events of Aurora

Aurora Simulated Response Actions

Only simulated response action events of Aurora

Diagnostic Pack

Button for generating and downloading a diagnostic pack that may be asked for by support