3.18. Licensing

ASGARD requires an Issuer-License in order to scan systems. The Issuer-License contains the number of asset-, server- and workstation systems that can be scanned with ASGARD Management Center as well as the Aurora service licenses.

ASGARD will automatically issue a valid single-license for a particular system during its initial THOR scan.

The screenshot below shows the licensing section of an ASGARD.

ASGARD licensing

ASGARD licensing

In addition, ASGARD can create single-licenses that can be used for agent-less scanning. In this case the license is generated and downloaded through the Web frontend.

Generate licenses

Generate licenses

The following systems require a workstation license in order to be scanned:

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11

  • Mac OS

The following systems require a server license in order to be scanned:

  • All Microsoft Windows server systems

  • All Linux systems

The licenses are hostname based except for asset licenses. Asset licenses are issued for each accepted asset as soon as a response action is performed (playbook or remote console access).