1.4. Agent Requirements

The ASGARD Agent, which needs to be installed on endpoints, is a lightweight service which is used to establish as secure connection with your Management Center. Memory usage of the agent is around 50 MB, which makes it very unobtrusive. THOR uses up to 1 GB of RAM additionally when scanning is in progress. This value will vary depending on the operating system THOR is running on. We observed lower RAM usage on unix systems all together, whereas Windows endpoints generally use more RAM.

The agent will use up to 50 MB of hard disk. Together with THOR and its temporary files it uses a maximum of 200 MB in total.

Please note that some response actions, such as collecting triage packs or collecting the system's RAM, require additional disk space.

There are no requirements pertaining to the CPU as scans can be scheduled in a way that THOR reduces its own process priority. This limits the CPU usage to a configurable percentage, with the tradeoff being prolonged scan times. There are multiple ways to facilitate THOR scans to your environment, which you can find in our separate THOR Manual.

Supported operating systems are the ones supported by THOR. Not supported are the operating systems with limited or special THOR support.