1. IntroductionΒΆ

ASGARD Management Center is the central management platform for THOR scans. It manages distributed THOR scans on thousands of systems, collects and forwards scan results.

Furthermore, ASGARD can control and execute complex response tasks, if needed. It features built-in response playbooks for quarantining endpoints, creating and collecting triage packs, opening remote shells and other actions incident response specialists will find useful.

Moreover, ASGARD provides an easy to use interface for creation of custom multi-step response playbooks that can execute any command on endpoints and collect the respective outputs.

ASGARD Management Center is available as a virtual appliance and also as a hard appliance. Both are based on Debian Buster and require a setup procedure in order to generate customized agent installers and cryptographic keys.

This document describes all functions and steps for setup and operation of the ASGARD Management Center. It will describe how to add systems to be scanned, as well as performing individual or group scanning with separate parameters.