2.7. Install the ASGARD Management Center Services

Use SSH to connect to the appliance using the user nextron and the password you specified during the installation (if you were using an old ISO to install the base system, the password is nextron). Now you can run the following command:

sudo nextronInstaller -asgard (caution: upper case “i" in the middle). This will install ASGARD.

running the nextronInstaller

After installation is complete type sudo systemctl status asgard2.

The output should look like the screenshot below with status Active.

systemctl status asgard2

Installation is complete, you are ready to log into the web-based GUI.

2.8. Changing the IP-Address

ASGARD's IP-Address can be changed in /etc/network/interfaces. The IP is configured with the address variable.

nextron@asgard:~$ sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces
auto ens32
iface ens32 inet static

Important: There might be a case where the name of the network adaptor (in this example: ens32) can vary.

The new IP can be applied with the command sudo systemctl restart networking

2.8.1. Verifying DNS Settings

To verify if ASGARD is using the correct DNS Server, you can inspect the file /etc/resolv.conf:

nextron@asgard:~$ cat /etc/resolv.conf
search example.org

If you see errors in this configuration, you can change it with the following command:

nextron@asgard:~$ sudoedit /etc/resolv.conf