3.7. Scan Control

The Scan Control in your ASGARD allows you to run different kind of Scans on one or multiple assets. Additionally, you can create Scan Templates to use with new Scans, so the different options don't need to be configured for every new scan. False-Positive Filters can be set to exclude certain files from scan results, or even whole directories can be excluded.

Your ASGARD will also take care of THOR scans which stopped (e.g. the asset rebooted or lost connection to your ASGARD during a scan), so that a scan will not fail if the asset is temporarily offline.

3.7.1. Managing Scan Templates

Scan templates are the most convenient way to make use of THOR's rich set of scan options. Starting with ASGARD 1.10, it is possible to define scan parameters for THOR 10 and store them in different templates for later use in single scans and grouped scans.

Imagine you want to use dedicated scan options for different system groups (e.g. Linux Servers, Domain Controllers, Workstations, etc.) and make sure to use exactly the same set of scan options every time you scan a particular group of systems. With ASGARD you can now add a scan template for every group.

A popular use case for scan templates is providing additional resource control – for example telling THOR to set the lowest process priority for itself and never use more than 50% of CPU.

Please keep in mind, that we have already optimized THOR to use the most relevant scan options for a particular system (based on type, numbers of CPUs and system resources) and a comprehensive resource control is enabled by default.

For more details please refer to the THOR manual. Only use the scan templates if you want to deviate from the default for a reason.

Scan templates are protected from being modified by ASGARD users without the "Manage Scan Templates"-permission and can also be restricted from being used by ASGARD users in case the flag "ForceStandardArgs" is set for this user. (See section User Management for details).

By clicking the Import Scan Template button you can import a previously exported scan template.

Scan Templates

Scan Templates Overview

In order to create a scan template, navigate to Scan Control > Scan Templates and click the Add Scan Template button. The Add Scan Template dialogue appears. The current THOR scanner version is chosen for you by default but can be changed if needed.

After choosing or changing a scanner you will find the most frequently used options on the top of this page in the "Favorite Flags" category. View all THOR options by clicking on the other categories or quickly search for known flags in the search bar. By clicking on the star symbols you can also edit your personal favorites.

Scan Flags

Scan Flags

By checking the "Default" box, you can make this scan template the default template for every new scan. There can only be one default template at a time and selecting the box will uncheck a previous default, if set. Checking the "Restricted" flag will make the template restricted, meaning only a restricted set of users can use the template for scans. The set of users consists of all users who do not have the "ForceStandardArgs" restriction set. (By default this are all users who are not member of the group "Operator Level 1"). After clicking the "Add Template" button on the bottom of the template page, an overview of all existing scan templates is shown.