3.1. Licensing

ASGARD requires an Issuer-License in order to scan systems. The Issuer-License contains the number of asset-, server- and workstation systems that can be scanned with ASGARD Management Center as well as the Aurora or LogWatcher service licenses.

ASGARD will automatically issue a valid single-license for a particular system during its initial THOR scan.

The screenshot below shows the licensing section of an ASGARD.

ASGARD licensing

ASGARD licensing

In addition, ASGARD can create single-licenses that can be used for agent-less scanning. In this case the license is generated and downloaded through the Web frontend.

Generate licenses

Generate licenses

The following systems require a workstation license in order to be scanned:

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11
  • Mac OS

The following systems require a server license in order to be scanned:

  • All Microsoft Windows server systems
  • All Linux systems

The licenses are hostname based except for asset licenses. Asset licenses are issued for each accepted asset as soon as a response action is performed (playbook or remote console access).

3.1.1. License Management

Login to ASGARD, navigate to Licensing, click Upload ASGARD Management Center License and upload a valid license.

Install a License

Install a license

After uploading, the license details are displayed.

3.1.2. Provide an THOR Incident Response License (optional)

In case you have an THOR Incident Response license and want to use it with ASGARD, just upload it through the web based UI. This will remove all endpoint count restrictions from ASGARD. You can scan as many endpoints as you like – regardless of the type (workstation / server).