3.5. Asset QueryΒΆ

You can search for Assets in your ASGARD with the Asset Query. This allows you to write more complex queries to search for assets.

Operator Example
Equals hostname = "win10-dev"
Equals cpu_count = 1
Contains hostname contains "win"
Begins With hostname begins with "win"
Ends With hostname ends with "dev"
Numerical Comparison total_memory >= 4 GB
Numerical Comparison last_seen < 3 days ago (assets that have not been seen since 3 days)
Numerical Comparison last_seen > 1 hour ago (assets that have been seen in the last hour)
Numerical Comparison last_scan_completed < 2022-08-17 (assets that have not been scanned since 2022-08-17)
Numerical Comparison last_scan_completed < 2022-08-17 15:00:00 (assets that have not been scanned since 2022-08-17 15:00:00)
Numerical Comparison last_scan_completed is never
Boolean is_domain_controller is true
Not not hostname contains "win"
Not not hostname ends with "dev"
And hostname contains "win" and not hostname ends with "dev"
Or hostname begins with "dev" or hostname ends with "dev"
Nested hostname ends with "dev" and (hostname contains "win" or hostname contains "lin")
Set / Not Set labels is set (assets that have at least one label)
Set / Not Set labels is not set (assets that have no labels)
Regular Expression hostname matches "^[a-z0-9]{(0,6)}$"
Pattern Use _ to match any single character and % to match an arbitrary number of characters, including zero characters.
Pattern arch like "a__64" (matches amd64 and arm64, but not aarch64)
Pattern arch like "%64" (all 64 bit systems, e.g. amd64, arm64, aarch64 or ppc64)
IP Range interfaces = ""


Optionally: You can also create group tasks with an asset query instead of labels

The following keys for the asset query are available:

Key Column Name
arch Arch
client Agent Version
client_sc Service Controller Version
first_seen First Seen
fqdn FQDN
hostname Hostname
id ID
interfaces Network Interfaces
is_domain_controller DC
labels Labels
last_scan_completed Last Scan Completed
last_seen_agent Last Seen Agent
last_seen Last Seen
last_seen_sc Last Seen Service Controller
nextping Fast Poll
ping_interval Poll Interval
system OS
total_memory Total Memory
uptime Uptime
version OS Version