3.6. Asset Migration

You can move an asset from one ASGARD to another via the Maintenance Module of Response Control. To do this, navigate to Asset Management and select the assets you want to migrate. Alternatively you can navigate to Response Control and add a new task. You can now Click the Add Task button to open the Task Menu. Choose the Maintenance Module and then the Move asset to another ASGARD Type. You have to upload an agent installer from the ASGARD you want to migrate the asset to.



The target OS or Arch of the installer doesn't matter, we will only use the installers configuration data.

3.6.1. Delete Assets

Deleting Assets will remove the assets from the Active Only asset view and will invalidate the authentication for these assets.

To delete an asset, go to the Asset Management View and mark the assets you want to delete. Click the Delete Assets Button on the top right corner. Confirm that you want to delete the asset.

To see all the deleted assets, change your view from Active Only to Deleted Only.


Deleted assets can no longer communicate with the ASGARD. Please use with caution.

Deleted Assets

Deleted Assets View